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Workshops for parents and their children

'The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.' -THICH NHAT HANH

In our fast-paced society it has become increasingly evident that even children are becoming sensitive to the effects of stress. Mental health in children and teenagers has become a growing concern in our society. Mindfulness is a great way to work against that. When practiced regularly it can help develop and optimize each child’s capacity to reduce stress and anxiety and improve executive function (attention, rationale, emotional regulation and memory retention), sleep and self-esteem.

Similarly being a parent can be wonderfully rewarding and life-affirming but it can also be immensely overwhelming and stressful. Mindfulness can help you to slow down and respond rather than react to the demands of being a parent. Moreover it can allow you to share the skills of contentment and acceptance with your children as they learn best from example.

When practiced regularly mindfulness can be a powerful way to retrain the mind and help us to connect to the joy of being a parent. It is a practical skill that can help to reduce stress, aid mental clarity and improve emotional and physical well-being for you and your whole family.

Come join us for a unique workshop exploring mindfulness and meditation with your child.

This fun workshop will show you how you can establish a simple meditation and mindfulness practice in your family home and give you a chance to connect to yourself and to your child in a nourishing and new way and perhaps even help you rediscover your own inner child.

The session will include simple mindful and drama games, visualizations, breathing exercises, yoga and arts & crafts.

This parent-and-child workshop is appropriate for children between the ages of 5-10 and will run for 2.5 hours.

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