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Mindfulness, meditation and the actor

This workshop is an introduction to mindfulness and meditation and includes information on what mindfulness is and how you can incorporate it in your personal life and your acting.

There are many parallels between mindfulness and acting. Both require you to be in the moment, have clarity of thought, feel connected to and aware of your surroundings as well as your body, mind and emotions. We don’t always achieve this state in life. Similarly it is hard to feel a sense of presence, focus and connection while acting. Often our mind is commenting on how an audition or performance is going and we worry about the outcome.

Mindfulness is a natural and an intuitive state of presence in which we can feel more connected, real and alive. This can be immensely helpful in life but also in acting. When practiced regularly mindfulness can be a powerful way to retrain the mind and allow us to rediscover the joy in acting (and life) and navigate our way through this competitive and stressful industry. It is a practical skill that can help to reduce stress, aid mental clarity and improve emotional and physical wellbeing. 

This 3-hour session will be practical and include meditations and mindfulness practices based on the 8-week MBSR course.

No prior meditation experience necessary.

Mindfulness for actors: Classes
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