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Mindfulness-based stress reduction

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is an eight-week evidence-based program that offers secular, intensive mindfulness training. It is designed to help participants develop their own mindfulness practice and learn new ways of handling difficult physical sensations, feelings and moods. It was developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn and his colleagues at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre in 1979 and it is now taught all over the world. It is particularly helpful for people suffering from stress, anxiety, depression and pain.

The 8-week Drama to Calmer-Mindfulness MBSR course is a highly participatory, supportive, and structured course and offers:

  • Guided instruction in mindfulness meditation practices

  • Gentle stretching and mindful movement

  • Group dialogue and mindful communication and discussion

  • Exercises to enhance awareness in everyday life

  • A workbook with daily assignments and home practice materials

  • A set of Guided Meditations will be made available to the participants for home practice. 

Course content:

Session 1 - What is Mindfulness

There is more right with us than wrong

Session2 - Perception and creative responding

How we perceive the world and ourselves

Session 3 - Mindfulness of the Breath and the Body in Movement

There is both pleasure and power in being present

Session 4 - Learning about our Patterns of Stress Reactivity

Wherever you go, there you are

Session 5 - Working with Stress

Mindful Responding instead of Reacting

Session 6 - Stressful Communications

Interpersonal Mindfulness

Session 7 - Lifestyle Choices

How can I best take care of myself?

Session 8 - A Mindful Life

Keeping your Mindfulness Alive

Course structure:

  • Induction Call (See details below under 'Registration')

  • 8x 2.5hr sessions

  • Full day retreat day on a Sunday between session 6 and 7

  • Optional 1.5 hr taster session before start of the course.

All sessions will be taught online live via Zoom.

Course cost:


*Anyone facing difficulties in these times, please get in touch*


PLEASE NOTE that acceptance onto the 8-week course is dependent on completing an Application Form and having an initial 20min Induction Call via Zoom.

The MBSR course is an evidence-based 8-week programme teaching mindfulness and meditation. In accordance with the Good Practice guidelines, as outlined by the UK network for Mindfulness-based teachers, the registration process includes a brief induction talk between teacher and participant to determine suitability for the course and to give more detailed information about what the 8-week course entails (You can also book one of our FREE TASTER SESSIONS to find out more and combine that with the induction talk).

To complete your registration process, please fill out the registration form by following the link at the bottom of this page. This is part of the enrolment so that we can work together safely. If you answer yes to any of the questions and/or have any areas of concern, please give as much detail as possible. All information given is treated with the strictest confidentiality and will be discussed during the induction talk.

As this will be an online course via Zoom this induction talk is usually done via zoom at a mutually suitable time. That way you can try out Zoom if you are not familiar with it and have an idea of the course experience. This talk usually takes around 20mins. (Please also have a look at some information regarding using Zoom below.)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


To ensure the best possible experience for all participants, the course relies on video conferencing which has minimum requirements to work properly. That includes having a laptop or desktop computer with speakers, microphone, video capabilities, and a high-speed internet connection.

You will also need to find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. For the sessions we recommend that you have a dining type chair to sit on, you will also need space to practice some gentle Mindful Movement and you may want to be able to lie down for the body scan practice for instance. You can also sit on a cushion on the floor for some of the meditations if you feel comfortable that way.

To assist you with Zoom, we recommend that you watch a video tutorial online.

To sign up for the free Zoom, please create an account via this link and download the free app version of Zoom.

If you have any questions regarding using zoom, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


To find out more about the 8-week MBSR course you can book one of our FREE TASTER SESSIONS. These 'Introductions to Mindfulness and MBSR' are 1.5 hr interactive workshops including some mindfulness practices and information about benefits and history of mindfulness and MBSR.

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